Good times at Affine !!

Well your wait is over..I know you guys have been eagerly waiting for my next post and here it is :P. For the last two blogs I have been bragging about my life and all the other stuff. Enough said and done about the transition from college to corporate life and what to expect from a startup, today’s post will tell you how amazing working at a startup is and how joyous the experience at Affine is.

How do you dream your workplace to be like? Let me tell you what I want, I need a workplace that I can become a part of, a workplace that lets me be myself and lets me share a connection with my work and my co workers, a workplace where my co workers can become my friends, a workplace that doesn’t confine me or limit me, a workplace where I can use the fun I have as energy to spend late nights at the office. In my opinion, this place is a startup. For me, knowing that I’m working hard with and for the people around me makes working for long hours easy. All of us here at Affine are working hard to stir things up, and it feels great even when sitting behind that desk. During my short stay at Affine I have had a chance to work with a few people and to know them at a deeper level and let me tell you that the kind of maturity shown by many of them during demanding situations showcases the talent pool of the firm. It also assures me of the fact that this startup is going to go a long way. So catch hold of the bus and enjoy the ride.

Coming back to the Boss’s surprise birthday bash from last week, Anjana (HR), Alex (Consultant with an awesome bike :P) and we freshers a.k.a fachhas played a crucial role in arranging all the stuff ranging from cake, balloons (Yes, we did use bandage to tie the balloons!! :P), momos (Boss’s favourite), a huge birthday card (with special messages from everyone) and to provide the icing on the cake, a birthday gift like none other, a McLaren F1 car model similar to the one driven by Lewis Hamilton (again Boss’s favourite driver). We even had the Chipmunks playing Happy Birthday for him. The joy on Vineet’s face after receiving the gift was similar to the one when you get your 1st cricket bat or your 1st cycle :). Our efforts to please our boss didn’t go in vain as we were rewarded with a birthday treat the next day.

\m/ Got my 1st car 🙂

With projects coming at a fare pace and everyone from the business analyst to the delivery manager putting full effort into producing the best possible results it seems that the future is bright. For me personally, at 11 pm in the night sitting in the balcony of my house gazing at the stars and thinking about the last two and half months at Affine and Bangalore, I can say from the bottom of my heart that it was worth giving a shot, it is worth living and experiencing and I have learnt a lot in this period.

Kudos to my colleagues at Affine for making this a treasured experience :).


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