Startup Job: Are you cut out for 1?

What is a Startup?……

Ahaaa found the answer!! A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty (so much for the literary geniuses :P). Many call it their “Baby”, and to be really honest it’s a “Baby’s Day Out” scenario in a startup, full of bumpy roads and anxiety (even at 2 in the night). As someone rightly said – “Things don’t happen automatically, you have to make them happen. You have to endure and enjoy the pain. Successful entrepreneurs know it instinctively & that’s what makes them tick.”

You need three things to create a successful startup: start with good people (like Raja Sekhar :)), to make something customers actually want (analytics as a field is roaring), and to spend as efficiently as possible (our founders know exactly how to do this). Most startups fail because they fail at one of these. A startup that does all three will probably succeed. So Affine has all these ingredients and is on the right track to succeed. Limited hierarchy and flat organization means the founders and decision makers are close to the troops at all times and when you see your boss sitting beside you doing work, it gives you a sense of belonging and pride (it also means no facebook in office :P).

In the pre-bust era of Dot Com Dominance, it used to be “cool” to say that you worked in a startup. Though much of that romance has worn off, there are still a lot of advantages to working in a startup. Let me point out a few as per my experience:

• An employee has to do a lot of multitasking. He is expected to go out of his comfort zone and take on tasks in which he has no significant experience. The employee gets exposure to various business functions and enhances his core skills with a lot of transferrable skills.

• Think carefully before joining a startup, startups are not for the weak hearted. Your offer letter will off course say 40 hrs/week, but you will be expected to be around day & night. This works to your advantage as you get to learn at a greater pace.

• Startups are best for folks who are comfortable with a degree of flexibility and autonomy. If you are a person who thrives on challenges in life, a startup environment offers it in truckloads.

• It’s important to remember that you are an important asset to the organization. Your boss/HR manager cares about your well-being and overall happiness. If there’s something wrong, they want to help. Don’t be afraid to book a coffee meeting to share your concerns.

Working for a startup is more than just a job – It is a way of life. It will transform everything from the way you think, the way you approach problems and the way you execute stuff.


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